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Complaint Letter about Food Poisoning to a Restaurant Manager | complaint letter restaurant

Complaint Letter about Food Poisoning to a Restaurant Manager by admin · February 22, 2017

Refreshment of the mind is a very important element to relax the mind. Different people have the different approach for relaxation. For example, some people relax their mind with exercise, some people love hiking, watching movies, get to gather with friends, and playing games, sports or outing at a picnic point. But the most common is the plan of a dinner or eating food at their favorite place. After a hectic working routine and eating a common menu throughout the week, it invigorates the mind but this habit is causing a serious medical issue. Because, we never know the cooking material used to make the food is up to the r ielejnju. moncler jacket mens iofferequired standard or not, chefs are fulfilling the cleaning requirements of food pots, cooking area or self-cleanliness. This is the reason; it can cause food poisoning sometimes. Although, there are standard operating procedures for each restaurant to avoid such health issue but cent percent assurance cannot be obtained or believed. Therefore, it is recommended to have a dinner plan at a renowned restaurant and if the problem still arises then you can complain about it verbally or in writing.

Complaint Letter about Food Poisoning to a Restaurant Manager


Charlie McDonalds

Block 23B, Alexander Avenue, California.

7 th October 2017


Mr. Peter Simpson


Ocean Grill & BBQ Restaurant

27 St. Hill Top Avenue, California.


Dear [Recipients Name],

Hope you doing well. I have a complaint about your restaurant regarding food. I had a dinner last night with my family friends and all of us are facing the problem of food poisoning. This is happening second time within a month and I had also complaint about it verbally. But this time, I am feeling prudent to write a complaint letter to you to understand the gravity of the matter. Although, it is a renowned restaurant and it has a cool and clean environment but the kitchen standards and quality of food need to be verified on the earliest. Secondly, chefs and workers involve in food making or items handling need to be checked whether they are fulfilling the requirement of self-cleanliness or not. I hope you would focus on highlighted area to avoid such problems in future.


Charlie McDonalds


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complaint letter restaurant

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Offering a gift card as recompense, this restaurant adjustment letter apologizes to unsatisfied customers.

Download Complaint Letter (DOC format) My safe download promise . Downloads are subject to this site's term of use . 1,000 times" src="//" width="24" height="24"> Downloaded > 1,000 times Top 20 popular printables This Letter of Complaint belongs to these categories: Complaint_Letter_Responses Subscribe to my free weekly newsletter — you'll be the first to know when I add new printable documents and templates to the network of sites.

Dear ___________,

As the manager of the Anytown Grill, I would like to sincerely apologize for the negative experience you had at our restaurant. Having read your letter, I am appalled by the treatment you experienced. This does not reflect the high standards we hold here at the Anytown Grill.

In your letter, you stated that the server splashed coffee on your food but refused to replace it. This, of course, is unacceptable. You also say that she handled your food roughly and dropped mashed potatoes on your lap. Finally, you mentioned that the server directly solicited a tip from you, which you did not provide.

Unfortunately, your description of this server did not include a name. All of our servers wear nametags, although you claim that yours was not wearing hers. Your description of this waitress as a young woman with brown hair and brown eyes does not provide us with enough information to identify her. We have, however, addressed the staff to ensure that all employees wear nametags from now on and our reputation for good service is maintained.

On behalf of everyone at the Anytown Grill, I would like to extend to you this $20 gift card to make up for your experience at our facility. We hope to see you in our restaurant again soon so we can show you what service really means to us.


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How to Answer a Guest Complaint Letter by Shanan Miller Respond quickly to complaining customers to lessen the potential damage.

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The way you handle your response to a guest complaint is key to keeping a positive reputation and maintaining your current customer base. The Cutting Edge PR website warns that a business loses about 35 percent of its potential and current customers for every 100 dissatisfied customers. Word of mouth may harm your reputation.

Determine What Went Wrong

Before you answer the complaint letter, determine what went wrong so you can better handle the customer's concern and create a solution. Talk with any employees involved to learn more about the guest’s experience. This way, you can offer the guest a brief explanation of why the problem occurred and what you can do in the future to prevent it from happening again. For example, if you found that an employee forgot to return a customer's call or didn't deliver satisfactory customer service, you must take full responsibility for the customer’s complaint. Determine a solution before contacting your customer.

Preparing for Contact

Decide how you'll contact your unhappy guest. If the guest left a phone number, he may want a phone call. If the guest left only an address or email, answer the complaint with a letter or email. If the guest left a bad review on your website or a review website, publically replying to the complaint may be in your best interest. Ensure a written response is professional and free of spelling and grammar errors. If necessary, create a rough draft and have another person write the final letter or response. Otherwise, plan your phone call before you make it.

The Apology

Apologize to your customer for not meeting his expectations, regardless of who was at fault. Thank the guest for his business and let him know you appreciate the feedback. State that feedback helps your business make appropriate changes to improve customer satisfaction. Explain what went wrong without giving excuses. For example, you might say that you made all efforts to ship a package in a timely manager, but because of a holiday closing, you weren’t able to. If you found that your employees were at fault, you might tell the guest that you accept full responsibility for the way he was treated and have arranged for additional staff training to create an exceptional guest experience.

Making an Offer

Offer an incentive to purchase your product or visit your establishment again. If the matter concerned a shipping issue, you might offer free shipping for the customer's next purchase and an additional discount off your product. If the complaint was based on service at a restaurant, offer a complementary meal. If the customer isn’t interested, offer to return her money. To ensure the customer receives ideal service during her next visit or purchase, try to handle the next transaction or visit yourself. Ask the guest to contact you directly. If you’re sending a letter to answer the complaint, sign it and add your business card so she knows you personally answered her complaint and want to discuss it further.

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