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Interactive Music bodyshape 9 - mp3

bodyshape 9 - mp3

Interactive Music swing party 3 - mp3

swing party 3 - mp3

Interactive Music tribal party 3 -mp3

tribal party 3 -mp3

Interactive Music XMAS PARTY - MP3


Solid Sound BODYSHAPE 47


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Interactive Music BODYSHAPE 9


multitrax TRIBAL HITS


multitrax aeromix 121

aeromix 121

Interactive Music swing party 3

swing party 3

Move Ya! #08 Step Experience - Autumn 2017

#08 Step Experience - Autumn 2017

Move Ya! #04 Power Aerobic - Autumn 2017

#04 Power Aerobic - Autumn 2017

multitrax #09 Bodytoning 15

#09 Bodytoning 15

multitrax Seniors 8

Seniors 8

Interactive Music #01 tribal party 3

#01 tribal party 3

Interactive Music #07 XMAS PARTY


multitrax Step 78

Step 78

multitrax #09 Aerobics 78

#09 Aerobics 78

Solid Sound #05 low impact 52

#05 low impact 52

Solid Sound CLUB MIX 47


Interactive Music #10 party mix 9

#10 party mix 9

Interactive Music #02 summer hits 2017

#02 summer hits 2017

Move Ya! #03 Chart Attack - Autumn 2017

#03 Chart Attack - Autumn 2017

Solid Sound #06 Summer Hits 2017

#06 Summer Hits 2017





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England Euro 2012 Qualifiers - Group G

England qualified for Euro 2012 as winners of Group G. The Three Lions were fully expected to finish top but experienced a few nervy moments during qualification. England got off to an impressive start with concincing wins against Bulgaria and Switzerland before being held by Montenegro at Wembley. They got back to winning ways with a comfortable win against Wales before being drawing at home to Switzerland. England then had back-to-back victories against Bulgaria and Wales to put them six points clear at the top of Group G. They travelled to Montenegro needing just a point and despite throwing away a two goal lead they got what they needed and finished as winners of the group.

England will now be eagerly counting down the days until Friday 2nd December when the main draw for Euro 2012 takes place in Kiev (Ukraine). England are among the favourites in the Euro 2012 Odds and are currently in Pot 2 for the draw but this is subject to change.

Expressing a nonchalant attitude with a practical new lug sole, quintessential Christian Louboutin women's styles become vehicles for the roaming ranger spirit this Autumn/Winter 2012. Classic, clean cut loafer, oxford and Chelsea Louboutin Peep Toe Pompen models take on a subversively utilitarian attitude, all whilst maintaining a sleek profile perfect for city life. Sporting a more defined toe cap, these low-profile styles are constructed from principal lasts in the louboutin peep toe pompen collection - Roadie, Dandelion and Greggo, now interpreted with a fresh perspective on new styles Hubertus Orlato Flat, Melon Flat, Melon Spikes Flat and Rossini Flat. Standout Autumn/Winter 2016's fabrications and embellishments including edgy Flanelle Camouflage and new matte Floque spikes add archetypical Christian Louboutin flair.

Final Euro 2012 Group G Table


Group G Results

3rd September 2010
England 4 -0  Bulgaria 
Montenegro 1 -0  Wales 

7th September  2010   
Bulgaria 0 - 1 Montenegro 
Switzerland 1 - 3 England 
8th October 2010
Wales 0 - 1 Bulgaria 
Montenegro 1 - 0 Switzerland 
12th October 2010
England 0 - 0 Montenegro 
Switzerland 4 - 1 Wales 
26th March 2011
Bulgaria 0 - 0 Switzerland 
Wales 0 - 2 England 
4th June 2011
England 2-2 Switzerland 
Montenegro 1-1 Bulgaria 
2nd September 2011
Bulgaria 0-3 England 
Wales 2-1 Montenegro 

6th September 2011
Switzerland 3-1 Bulgaria 
England 1-0 Wales 
7th October 2011
Montenegro 2-2 England 
Wales 2-0 Switzerland 
11th October 2011
Switzerland 2-0 Montenegro 
Bulgaria 0-1 Wales

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